For agro-, veterinary industry

Mineral additives (limestone and dolomite flour) are actively used in livestock farming as a source of calcium for cattle and poultry. And also, it is considered the best natural fertilizer for soils with a high level of acidity (pH), especially sandy loam, poor in magnesium.

For farmers and manufacturers of compound feeds, BVMS (bio-vitamin-mineral supplements) and premixes, we offer:
NameOriginContent CaO and MgO
dolomite flour, fr. 0-0,1mm / 0-1mmTurkeyCaO - 31,8%, MgO - 20,8%
dolomite chips, fr. 1-2mm / 1.5-2 mmTurkey CaO - 31,8%, MgO - 20,8%
limestone flour, fr. 0-0.1mm / 0.1-2mmTurkeyСаСО3 - 52,8%
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