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For 20 years we have been providing raw materials supply for the glass industry, construction and agricultural industries of Ukraine.

Our assortment

UKRYUGIMPEX offers a wide range of marble fillers for your production. Standard and coated microcalcite, dolomite, marble chips for the needs of glass, construction, paint and varnish industries, animal husbandry and decoration.

Our advantages

Specially for you, we can deliver raw materials with exclusive characteristics.

High and stable quality
  • This is due to two important facts:

    1. quality control of raw materials by our representatives directly in production;

    2. improvement of all production processes, from grinding to coating and packaging

Timely delivery
  • In order to deliver raw materials to you on time, we import from 1 to 5 ships monthly, according to the season. We quickly replenish the required volumes of goods and store them in 3 warehouses (in Kherson, Kyiv and Borodyanka). There is always the required amount of free transport for you, because of privileges from rail and road carriers for us, thanks to the volume of cooperation.

Customized solutions
  • We will arrange for you the production of exclusive items and select an individual solution, taking into account your needs.

Minimizing risks
  • We take on absolutely all possible risks related with deliveries, product quality and stability in all understandings, creating maximum comfort for our partners in the Ukrainian market.

Our partners