About Us

UKRYUGIMPEX LLC is a trader of mineral raw materials, importing from the near abroad, namely: Turkey, Moldova, Slovakia, Belarus.
For 20 years we have been providing marble filler to manufacturing companies from all over Ukraine.

The company first started its activity in the glass production sector. In a short time, we managed to expand the directions of supplies to: construction, paint and varnish, plastic, agricultural and other industries. And to become one of the largest importers of mineral raw materials in Ukraine.

In 2020, during the global raw material crisis, we managed to import 150 thousand tons of raw materials and meet the needs of all our partners. We have achieved this through the development of a network of stable and reliable partnerships. This approach is the main principle of UKRYUGIMPEX LLC.

We plan to expand our presence both in our own and in new sectors of the use of these raw materials. Launch of our own production line of different fractions for the needs of each partner. And an increase in the volume of imports and supplies of raw materials over 200 thousand tons per year.